Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a proud and rich heritage of arts and crafts and you’ll find a distinctive memento to take home among the wide range of items for sale in Commercial capital Colombo and other major tourist destinations of the country. Popular handicrafts include Handcrafts gold and silver jewelry set with gems, wooden masks, intricate lace-work, Batiks, lacquer work and ceramics. Sri Lanka has its unique styles of those with traditional touch.


Objects carved in wood, made of brass and silver, decorated with lacquer, hand woven clothes and lace, beautiful reed mats, attractive colorful batiks, pottery, traditional wooden masks are the major handcrafts items made by Sri Lankan traditional craftsmen.

Wood Carving

Wood Carving is a very old style of an art in Sri Lanka and practiced by traditional craftsmen especially in Kandyan and Galle regions. Various collections of wood carved products sold in Sri Lanka include ornaments and jewelry pieces, figurines, sculptures, lacquer products, boxes and toys.


Batik is a famous art and a style in Sri Lanka Colorful, dramatic fabrics designer garments in a wax resist dyeing techniques of Indonesian origin but distinctly Sri Lankan design. Each stage of the production process of the Sri Lankan Batik is done by hand and it is fabricated entirely on pure cotton or silk fabric. Mostly used in sheets, paintings, wall hangings and decorative items, Batiks have also taken over the fashion industry, resulting in various looks with Batik fabrics.

Lacquer Work

This is a very skilled craft practiced in the Kandyan region by traditional craftsmen. Lac workers in the Kandyan region adopt the finger nail technique which is a unique style in creating patterns on items like ash trays, tea pots, ornaments, jewelry boxes.

Brassware and Silverware

Brass and silver items are very popular decorated items in Sri Lankan homes. These include oil lamps, wall plaques, Brass and silver trays, lamb stands, religious statues (Buddha and Hindu god statues), match box holders. Silver is more expensive, objects like tea services , jewelry cases, trays, cutlery and other useful tools.