Food & Tropical Fruits

Sri Lankan Dishes & Cuisines

Sri Lanka has an extensive number of indigenous dishes, fruits and spices. Over the last centuries Lankan cuisine is complemented with Indian, Chinese, Malay, Arabian and European tastes. Foods in Sri Lanka can be hot or very mild or can be combination being very much a question of individual preference. Most of Sri Lankan food is unique for their Culture. Most of the Sri Lankans eat vegetables. With a large community of farmers the Rice and curry is the main food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka curries are known for their fiery hot spicy flavors and coconut milk is very distinct feature of Sri Lankan cuisine that different regions of country specialize in different types of dishes. The specialty in Sri Lankan food is that same food is differently made in different regions. Dishes from the North region of Sri Lanka have distinct south Indian flavors.

Most Popular Sri Lankan Cuisines

Rice and Curry Kiribath ( Milk Rice) Hoppers String Hoppers
Pittu Dhal Curry Coconut Sambol Fish & Meat Curry

Tropical Fruits

Sri Lanka is rich for various kind of fruits. Some of the fruits are endemic to the country and have specific area and the season for the cultivation. Sri Lankans love to eat fruits and country produce fresh Jams, cordials, soft drinks and many products. Country produces more than 800,000 metric tons of fruits and vegetables annually and exports both fresh and processed varieties to many destinations in the world.

Most Popular Fruits in Sri Lanka

Mango Passion Fruit Banana Durian Soursop
Woodapple Rambutan Pineapple Mangosteen Sugar Apple
Avacado Papaya Jackfruit Guava Jambu