Overview of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of major exotic destination in the world, surrounded by the emerald green waters of the Indian Ocean. Frequently referred to as the “Teardrop of India”. The Full name of the country is Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is also well known as “the Pearl of Indian Ocean”, Taprobane of the Greeks, Serendib of the Arabs, and Ceylon of the Europeans – according to the chronicles. This Magnificent Island is rich of landscapes, stretches of pristine golden beaches, unique culture and Traditions, breathtaking nature and wealthy wildlife. This Island is rich of over 400 waterfalls, 15 National Parks, nearly 500,000 acres of greenish tea estates and 08 UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Facts & Figures

Capital :          Sri Jayawardenepura
Commercial Center : Colombo
Area :          25,322 square miles
Population:          20.33 million
Currency:         Sri Lankan Rupees – RS / LKR
Main Ethnic Groups:         Sinhala 74.0%, Sri Lankan Tamil 12.75% Indian Tamils 5.5%, Moor 7.0%, Others 0.8%
Religious Group:         Buddhism 70%, Hinduism 16%, Christianity 7%, Islam 7%
Literacy Rate:         92.2%
Language:         Sinhala (Official Language), Tamil & English
Topography:         Flat coastal and Northern areas, Hills and Mountains in the Central and South Central areas
Average Temperature:         Colombo 30.60C to 24.10C , Kandy 29.00C to 11.50C, Nuwara Eliya 20.20C to 11.50C
Rainfall :         March to April – Inter Monsoonal
                           May to September - Southwest Monsoonal
                           October to November - Inter Monsoonal
                           December to February - North East Monsoonal
Location:         An Island off the South – Eastern cost shores of India, 880km North of the Equator, in the Indian Ocean
International Dialing:         +94 or 0094
Time Zone:         Sri Lanka standard Time is Five and Half hours ahead of GMT.