Spices in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country which has a rich life of Spices and Herbs, began over 3000 years ago. In the 16th Century Ceylon, as it was then known, was discovered by Portuguese who soon began trading in Cinnamon and other famous spices. The Dutch and British invaded the country in 17th and 18th Century and followed bringing with them their own history and influences, forming a strong western presence which created a history of food expressed with spices which can be tasted in the dishes today. Sri Lankans use various kind of Spices for their daily meals. Creating good that is unique and interesting, adding subtle flavors and aromas. It is an Ayurvedic belief that spices have healing abilities that can enhance wellbeing.

Popular Spices

Chilli Garlic Tamarind Turmeric Cinnamon Dry Ginger Green Cardamoms Mace
Lime Nutmeg White Pepper Vanilla Beans Whole Cloves Nutmeg with shell Black Pepper