Tea (Ceylon Tea)

Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka has the World’s best tea and well known as “Ceylon Tea”. Sri Lanka is one of the most famous countries to produce tea and is one of the most fabulously enjoyed beverages in Sri Lanka. Tea for us is literally second to water, every single person in Sri Lanka drinks and enjoys at least three cups a day. Tea is the most famous common drink in the country. World famous our Tea “Ceylon Tea” was introduced to Tea in the 1800's by James Taylor, he began a tea plantation in Kandy and started manufacturing tea. He made his first sale in Kandy and thus began the growth of the tea industry in Sri Lanka.

The ideal climatic conditions play a major role in the success of the growth of tea in Sri Lanka. 4% of the country's land is covered by tea plantations. The main tea growing areas are Nuwera Eliya, Kandy, Central Province,Bandarawela, Haputale, Uva Province, Galle, Matara, Southern Province, Ratnapura, Kegalle, Sabaragamuwa Provinces.

Ceylon Black Tea is the most famously known tea around the globe. The high-grown black tea has a honey golden liquor and light and is among the best teas which has a distinct flavor, aroma and strength. Ceylon black tea is famous around the world and is used as the base for many blends such as Earl Grey tea, and many other fruit flavored teas. Black tea is not the only tea produced, Sri Lanka produces Green tea, silver tea and White tea.

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